Collection: Simons Bow Company Horse Bows

Premium handcrafted equestrian bows. Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern performance.

Horse bows from Simons Bow Company

The Raptor is a traditional bow made from modern materials with the look and feel of an Asian bow. The specially developed limbs and static tips enable a very gentle pull and fast arrow flight. Inspired by Eastern tradition, redesigned with modern materials.

Reinforced tips:

Tips reinforced with an extremely durable phenolic composite to protect your Raptor from the wear and tear of the hard fast flight tendons.

Leather handle:

Comfortable, stitched handle made from vegetable tanned leather.

Stingray Skin Arrow Pass:

Optional ray skin arrow pass for durability and great looks.

String bridges:

Durable phenolic resin composite string bridges for perfect string alignment and easy stringing.

Arrow passes:

Customize your Raptor and select the arrow type and color you want. Soft and supple suede or strong and durable stingray leather in beautiful different colors.