Collection: Horse bows

The Horse Bow

Asian horse bows are traditional bows originally used by horse riders and have a special shape and construction.

The best known is the Mongolian horse bow, which is characterized by its curved shape and high shooting power. Over time, the equestrian bow has continued to develop in the Asian region.

The Turkish rider's bow represents the final stage in the development of the rider's bow. Significantly shorter than its predecessors, the Turkish rider's bow develops incredible pulling power from just 28 inches. War bows were designed for up to 190lbs, allowing extreme ranges even for today. In the Ottoman Empire, you were only accepted into the army as an archer if you could shoot 400 meters or further. Until firearms became widespread, the Turkish bow was the most effective long-range weapon.


Advantages of horse bows:

Horse bows are characterized by their high shooting power, which allows the archer to shoot arrows at great speed and range.

In addition, horse bows offer good accuracy and precision, which enables the shooter to hit targets with high accuracy, even from horseback at high speeds.

Horse bows often have an elegant and ornate shape that makes them sought-after collector's items. Many archers appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of these bows.

Equestrian bows can be used for various archery disciplines, including traditional archery, 3D courses and historical reenactments.

Overall, horse bows offer a unique shooting experience and are a popular choice for archers who appreciate the tradition and elegance of a traditional bow.


Horse bow... spoiled for choice

At the beginning, we recommend keeping costs as low as possible. The first bow does not have to be a high-end device of the finest quality. On the contrary. It should be a cheap and robust bow that can be shot in rain or snow and forgives one or two user errors.
Please don't overestimate yourself when buying a rider's bow. It makes no sense to start with high draw weights straight away. At the beginning, 20-30 lbs is completely sufficient.
If the technique is correct, the shot pattern reproduces nice tight patterns and the musculoskeletal system has adapted to the unusual load, you can increase the draw weight. Then it becomes clear whether the rider bow suits you or not.
From this point on it is only worth investing more money in a bow.


Horse bows from Metbows, Keskin and Simons Bow Company

All three manufacturers build excellent rider bows of the highest quality. Each manufacturer has their own characteristics and preferences for how the bow performs.

Basically can I recommend every rider bow in my shop?

Why? Only after I am convinced of the performance of the bow do I decide whether it will be sold in my shop or not.

Metbows builds short horse bows that are based on the traditional Ottoman horse bow. These bows can be built with up to 150lbs if desired. Each bow is hand painted and decorated upon request.

Keskin is in great demand as a manufacturer, especially among tournament shooters. Their lightweight and precise laminate bows have already won numerous awards. Made from bamboo, maple and fiberglass, these beautiful bows stand out for their simplicity.

Simons Bow Company is a high-quality bow maker located in European. Simon's Tatar bows are visually and technically awesome.

Horse bow and the appropriate equipment

The horse bow can be shot using all common methods. Due to the narrow angles on the string, using the thumb technique and a thumb ring is, in my opinion, the best method. Since the thumb ring is also an investment, a leather protector can be used at the beginning. If you want to stick with the rider's bow and thumb technique, there are numerous ways to have the right thumb ring built. You can find some options in my shop. Of course, we can fulfill almost any special request here too.

Horse bow...what about the arrow rest?


Horse bows are usually shot over the back of the hand. If the nocking point is set correctly, nothing will happen. However, you can also wear protective gloves. I use one myself and am very happy with it. None of our bows have an arrow rest. It's simply not necessary. Plus: it offers you the possibility to shoot left or righthanded.

Rider bow what length?


With a rider's bow, the size does not determine how strong or fast the bow is. If you prefer a long draw of up to 32 inches, I recommend the Tatar horse bows. Once you've drawn the 32 inches, you'll find it difficult to shoot below that again. Turkish bows are better known for their short draws up to a maximum of 31 inches. The Metbows is an exception here and can also be pulled up to 32 inches.