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Tatar Reiterbogen RAPTOR RX

Tatar Reiterbogen RAPTOR RX

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Tatar horse bow ICONIC Raptor RX

Special cross-woven fiberglass gives the Raptor RX extreme stability, torsion resistance and smooth extension

  • Length: 56″
  • Extension length: up to 32″
  • Draw Weight: 25 to 55 pounds at 28"
  • Wood for handle and tips: Stabilized wood
  • Semi-transparent 45 degree fiberglass cross weave
  • Pickled, caramelized bamboo kernels
  • Brown tips and string bridge made of phenolic composite
  • Hand-sewn, vegetable-tanned, chrome-free leather handle

Tolerance of +/- 2 lbs. For exact tensile strengths please provide brief information

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