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A warm Merhaba to all friends of the Horse Bow

We are Asianbows. A young company committed to traditional archery. This passion is reflected in our products and drives us every day.

The use of the first primitive bows is proven to be more than 30,000 years old.
Until the discovery of black powder and modern firearms, the bow was both the most advanced weapon and symbol of influence, progress and power.

The traditional bow experienced its peak development in the Ottoman Empire. The bows from this period were known for their compact construction made of composite material and their extreme tensile forces. With a distance of 889 meters, Sultan Süleyman set a record that could only be beaten with the development of new materials.

Today the bow is used as a sports and leisure tool and more and more people are enjoying this sport.

We at Asianbows would like to spread our fascination with the horse bow with the world.

We were particularly impressed by the Turkish horse bow. Firstly because of his incredible curves. On the other hand, because it represents the seal in the development of traditional horse bows and has made history.

Since we do not offer mass production, there is rarely any stock that we can access at short notice.

Each bow, as well as all other products we offer, are only manufactured at the customer's request and are truly unique. Even though we strive to fulfill every order as quickly as possible, a certain waiting time cannot be avoided. But you will be rewarded with a real gem.

We want to offer you, our valued customers, the maximum possible experience with our products. Whether bow, arrow, quiver or arm guard. We try to implement your every wish so that you too can experience our love and passion.

We are happy to hear from them.

Ugur from Asianbows