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Carbon complete arrow in a set of 12

Carbon complete arrow in a set of 12

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The carbon arrow with certain extras

  • Black carbon shaft from Linkboyarchery
  • Shank ID: 6.2mm
  • Shaft length: 32 - 30 inches
  • Spine 300-800
  • Straightness :+/-0.006''
  • Arrowhead: 75, 100 or 125 grain freely selectable
  • Protector ring at the back
  • Natural feathers: 4 inch shield (color freely selectable)
  • Shrink tubing on the spring tips
  • Distance from cam to spring: 4.5cm
  • Rapid Shooting quick cam

Due to their design, Asian bows have narrower angles in the string.
Nevertheless, depending on the shooter's taste, shooting can be done using Mediterranean, Slavic or thumb technique.

Extra space between cam and spring:
When using the thumb technique, it is an advantage if there is a little more space between the cam and the spring. The arrow is easier to grip, you can comfortably hold several arrows in your shooting hand and there are no springs on the thumb ring that interfere with tensioning the string.

Extra fast cam:
The cam shape makes it easier to feel the arrows. Ideal for the "blind" cam.

Extra protector ring:
Saves money and looks stylish. A gift from me who have already had one or two experiences of a "Robin Hood". You know, when you know or Thank me later ;-)

The arrows are built and delivered to order.
This can take up to 14 days.

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