Collection: Metbows Horse Bows

Metbow's horse bows are characterized by their low weight and high arrow speeds. The use of modern, high-quality materials makes our horse bows extremely resilient and resistant.

Suitable for all weather conditions:

Our horse bows can be used regardless of weather conditions such as humidity, rain and temperature.

Maximum customization:

Customer is king and we mean it exactly that way. Our customers have the maximum choice in terms of color and customization. In this way, we offer every customer the opportunity to own a unique product.
1 year guarantee (if used properly) including exchange or money refund.

High quality handle:

The grip was specifically designed to provide our athletes with shooting comfort at the highest level. This way no shot produces a hand shock.

Rider bows from Metbows

Revival of old traditions:

Our horse bows, in every condition, are a homage to the traditional Ottoman bow that can be admired in museums. This includes both the classic tulip shape when fully extended and the beautiful curves when stretched.