Collection: KESKIN Horse Bow

Tuncay KESKIN is one of Turkey's leading bow makers who is dedicated to the Ottoman horseman's bow. Tuncay Keskin has transferred more than 10 years of experience in organic bow manufacturing to the production of laminated and other synthetic feathers.

“Why shouldn’t we do the best in the country where it belongs?” Based on this idea, KeskinYay has been producing traditional Turkish bows since 2010. Taking into account factors such as historical reality, speed, durability and comfortable use, various traditional bow models for the use of Kemankeş and Kemankeş candidates have been offered after long research, development (R&D) and testing processes.

Horse bows from KESKIN

Since production began, KeskinYay has achieved numerous successes in the “ground archery”, “horse archery” and “range archery” categories at national and international competitions.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to make the best traditional Turkish bow in the country where it belongs. Our vision is to become the world's leading brand in this field by introducing traditional Turkish archery nationally and internationally with the traditional bows we produce.