The Horse Bow

The rider's bow - Asian, handy, light and fast

Why actually shoot with a horse bow?

The Horse Bow combines tradition and history:
Asian horse bows have a long tradition and are deeply rooted in history. Many archers value the connection to this traditional form of archery.

Horse bows are shapely and aesthetic:
Often artfully designed, horse bows have an elegant shape that makes them real pieces of jewelry. Many archers appreciate the beauty and elegance of these bows.

Powerful with a compact design:
Asian horse bows are known for their high performance. They offer good shooting power and accuracy, making them a popular choice for experienced archers.

Limitless versatility:
Horse bows can be used for various archery disciplines, including traditional archery, 3D courses or historical reenactments.

Horse bows stand for high craftsmanship:
Many Asian horse bows are made by hand and demonstrate high quality and attention to detail. Shooting a hand-made rider's bow is a very unique and special experience.

Overall, Asian horse bows are an intriguing choice for archers who appreciate the beauty, tradition and performance of a traditional bow.

Discover the beauty and elegance of Asian horse bows!
These traditional bows are works of art and powerful tools for archers. With their unique shape, they offer an unparalleled shooting experience.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Asian horse bows and experience precision and power in your hands.

Grab your own bow and start your journey into the world of archery with us!