Thumb rings

Thumb ring and Asian bows

The thumb ring is an important accessory used when applying the thumb technique.

The thumb ring protects the archer's thumb from possible injuries caused by the sharp angles of the bow's bowstrings when drawn. Since the thumb serves as an anchor point in the thumb technique and the tendon runs directly along the thumb, the thumb ring offers a protective layer between the thumb and the tendon.

The thumb ring provides comfortable and even pressure on the thumb, which increases shooting comfort. By using a thumb ring, the archer can draw the bow more easily and with more control and fire the shot more precisely.

The thumb ring helps achieve a consistent shooting position as it provides a solid anchor point for the thumb. This allows the shooter to standardize his shooting sequences and improve accuracy.

Thumb rings are available in different sizes and materials, allowing the archer to customize the ring to their individual needs. A well-fitting thumb ring can significantly improve archery performance and comfort.